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World Famous Chicken Wing Eating Contest & Fundraiser

The 11th Annual EAT-A-THON was truly record breaking.  We rocked it once again under the tent at Jethro’s BBQ Drake!

In case you missed it, watch champion Katie Raisch dominate 90 chicken-wings in a few minutes.  

2017 Results Simple – Final  2017 Full Results – Final  Prizes

The EAT-A-THON features 13 local attorneys and law students who compEAT to see who can eat the most chicken wings in 15 minutes and simultaneously raise the most money for local charities. 

In the 11th Annual EAT-A-THON – The Law Edition – 13 contestants raised over $21,000 for 13 local law-related charities or projects:

Complete details can be found in our 2017 EAT-A-THON Press Release

The EAT-A-THON has raised over $100,000 in pledges for local charities! icare is extremely proud of its annual EAT-A-THON, and particularly of the event’s ability to empower current and former Drake Law students to make a difference for something they care about.

The contestants in years’ past have competed for local charities such as YMCA Partners, On With Life, Progress Industries, Orchard Place, the Boys & Girls Club of Central Iowa, Woodward Academy, the Animal Rescue League of Central Iowa, Iowa C.O.P.S., the James A. Albert Foundation, Courage League Sports, the Iowa Association for Justice, Broadlawns Medical Center Foundation, and the Cedar Valley Humane Society.

The contestants raise money by soliciting pledges, with the help of a team of “wingmen,” from generous donors who pledge an amount of money for each chicken wing a contestant eats (a per-wing pledge) or an amount of money regardless of how many chicken wings the contestant eats (a flat pledge).  All of the proceeds from the event benefited icare when the event started in 2005, but now the proceeds are split between icare and other local charities.

Check out our Facebook page as the event draws near each year for updated information about the EAT-A-THON, including the contestants and their chosen charities.  You may also make an online pledge to one of the contestants and their charities by visiting our pledge page.

10th Annual Results

528 chicken wings turned into almost $10,000 for 11 local charities. Congratulations to contestant Sean Raisch and his Davis Brown Team for eating the most wings and raising the most money.

2015 MPR - Final Results Simple


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Photos from every past EAT-A-THON are here.