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I-CARE is a small Iowa-based non-profit dedicated to connecting Iowans and Central Americans to foster the exchange of ideas, cultures, and charitable resources.  We are small by design, so we can connect donors and volunteers directly to projects they believe in and so we can foster genuine connections with our counterparts in Central America.

We connect to people, listen to their stories, and tell them ours.  Without fail, everyone gains something in the exchange.  New perspectives are gained, and this can be life- changing.  Often the gain is simply the gift of givingóbeing part of something bigger than yourself or connecting to another person by sacrificing in a small way so their life can be better in a big way.  Sometimes the gain is improved quality of life, through access to adequate health care, education, a loan to start a business, or the dignity of being employed.  Occasionally, all that is gained is hope; but occasionally hope is the greatest possible gain.

For concrete examples of what I-CARE has done and what we have planned for the future, visit our PROJECTS page.

For ways to help, visit the SUPPORT I-CARE page.


We appreciate you taking the time to visit I-CARE online.  We hope this website answers any questions you may have about our organization and its mission. 

Please CONTACT US with any additional questions or to let us know you want to help!






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